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One Step at a Time

Positive Mental and Physical Health, are two key components to having a productive life. Our M.a.P program will provide the youth of the metro Atlanta area with activities and seminars to boost mental and physical wellness.

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M.a.P: Activities

M.a.P Program Objectives

Changing Our Bodies & Minds

  • Promote mental and physical health awareness-

    Through our network of volunteers and supporters NPI will promote the benefits of positive health. 

  • Provide seminars with therapist, fitness instructors, and experts on stress relief, depression, and various mental illness-

     NPI will host seminars with today’s youth to educate them on methods to efficiently exercise, eat healthy, and identify and properly deal with mental illnesses.

  • Provide Fitness classes to offer methods of working out and staying in shape to individuals who don’t have access or can’t afford workout equipment-

    NPI works with youth who are dealing with adversity and may not be able to afford workout equipment or the fees associated with fitness centers; we intend to provide fitness classes to those individuals.

  • Annual field day-

    NPI will host an annual field day for the youth of the Metro Atlanta area to promote the M.a.P program.

  • Research methods to deal with various mental/physical ailments (Depression, Stress, PTSD, Anxiety, Autism, etc.)-

    NPI’s community of volunteers and supporters strive to improve the lives of individuals dealing with various ailments, both mental and physical. In an effort to achieve our goals we will dedicate immense time to research possible solutions and methods to cope with disorders. 

  • Provide mentors-

    NPI will connect our youth with individuals who will form lasting bonds and create a positive influence in their life.

  • Provide sessions with mental health care professionals for individuals who may not have access to those services (Therapist, Counselors, Psychologist, etc.)-

    We understand that some individuals require more attention than others but are not in the best financial circumstances, which is why we intend  to provide our youth with counseling sessions with licensed healthcare professionals.

  • Help individuals identify symptoms of mental health disorders-

    We may not be able to personally change everybody’s life, but we aim to educate today’s youth on ways to identify signs of individuals who may be unknowingly dealing with mental ailments; so, they can make a change in society, and help friends or family before their symptoms develop into something more severe.

  • Eradicate negative stigmas surrounding mental health and treatment-

    One issue we face in our community is the stigma associated with mental health and treatment for mental illness. NPI seeks to abolish any negative stigma our community may have attached to individuals who get treatment for their needs.

  • B.A.M-

    Provide individuals with books, music, movies, and other forms of art to help stimulate their creative process and generate positive self-esteem.

Support Groups
M.a.P: Welcome
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